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NASA's IceBridge Mission Contributes to New Map of Antarctica


This wiki is on creating the westantarctican

People's Repuclic of Yugopustynia
народная республика Югопустыня

As it is a model country intended to become reality, this includes issues as habitation, environment, resources, economy, industry, fishing, hunting vs wildlife protection, circunventing the Antarctic Treaties regarding claims and colonozing etc.

Interested people can help expanding this wiki.

De jus territoryEdit


Consisting of West Antarctica including Transantarctic Mountains


Transatlantic RegionEdit

Main page Transantarctic Region
142°02E to ca. 180°00E
Transantarctic Mountains including [Queen Mary Range and Ross Sea (western part) except Ross Island which is de facto under NZ/US control
National and regional capitol at Explorers Cove.

Rus RegionEdit

Main page Rus Region
136°50W to ca. 180°00W
Mary Byrd Land and Ross Sea (eastern part) except Queen Mary Range
Temporary capitol at Russkaya Station.

Byrd frontierEdit

Main page Byrd Frontier 103°25W to 136°50W
Mary Byrd Land
Capitol at Byrd Station.

Ellsworth TerritoryEdit

Main page Ellsworth Territory
20°00W to 103°25
Ellsworth Land and Antarctic Peninsula including Pensacola Mountains
Capitol at Brown Station

Info about YugopustyniaEdit

Country name: People's Republic of Yugopustynia
Current status: Micronation
Future Status: Sovereign Nation
Government: Semi-direct Democracy.


From rus: yugo pustynya meaning South Desert.

Latest activityEdit

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